Rightly Divided.
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The Mirror Bible is a paraphrase translation from the original Greek text. The Mirror brings a fresh perspective to the table and while the detailed shades of every Greek word has been closely studied, it has been done with the person of Jesus Christ Himself and His finished work as the proper interpretative lens. Christ is the ultimate text and each page of The Mirror drips with grace as we discover our own identity restored in the very image of the invisible God.


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iPhone and Android

The Mirror Bible app is available on both iPhone and Android mobile phones. We will also be adding the app to other platforms and tablets! We want The Mirror everywhere!

Study, Take Notes!

Great study features, like bookmarking, highlighting and taking margin notes on your favorite scriptures or discover new scriptures with Mirror Thoughts, a daily devotional built right-in.

Around The World!

The Mirror is an on-going translation and our mobile apps will get you the most recent translations with updates directly to your phone; available anywhere in the world!

To Make All Men See...

The Mirror Bible is amazing. Here's why.

Original Thought

Many words in previous translations have adopted meanings in time that distract from the original thought. Individual words can greatly influence the interpretation of any conversation... Read More

Mirror Reflection

Jesus Christ is infinitely more than a historic Hero; He is both the mirror image of an invisible God, and at the same time the reflection and blueprint of every person's original design. His life, death and resurrection represent the human race... Read More

Meet Francois Du Toit

Francois is the creator and author of The Mirror. Engaged in full-time ministry along with his wife Lydia Du Toit, Francois travels the world speaking and helping proclaim an important truth about our original identity... Read More

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Discovering the Mirror Bible

The Mirror is loved all around the world!

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John Crowder , Sons of Thunder

"To rightly divide the Word of God, our interpretative lens must ultimately be the person of Christ Himself and His finished work."

Andre Rabe , Author and Bible Teacher @ hearhim.net

"The Mirror Translation makes full use of the richness within the words themselves, but even more importantly, it is inspired by the revelation of Christ in us, the mirror encounter in which we see Jesus as the unveiling of our own identity. "

Steve McVey , Grace Walk Ministries

"This is a translation you will read again and again. I predict that The Mirror Translation will be widely accepted by those who are hungry to understand the Bible through the template of the lens of God’s grace."

Colin Lagerwall , Pastor

"'Christ in me and I in Christ' is the Mirror Translation's message, and it is simply Brilliant!"

Ioannis Dekas , Pastor Doxa doe London

"My family and the life of our ministry is testimony to the power of this incredible gift that God has given us through the Mirror Translation!"

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger , Author of “The Great Dance” and “The Shack Revisited”

"The Mirror Translation is astonishingly beautiful. The union theme is outstanding. The gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus into our lives; the gospel is the news that Jesus has received us into His."

Alan Platt , Doxa Deo

"The Mirror Translation of these key books and chapters of the Bible is in all probability one of the greatest contributions in the last few years to the broader church."

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